Another page for my granddaughter’s A Week in the Life book. I’m crazy about this new template set of Ali’s new in the store! I love the look on seven year old Henry’s face in the large photo . . . he was definitely tired of listening to “Max & Ruby” being read to his little cousin for the third time! I’ve placed a few of Katie’s princess epoxies on my pages for Amelia to seek out.

Journaling: This morning Amelia, you wanted more sausage with ears for breakfast! That meant you wanted me to cut the sausage patty in half for the smile . . . add two blueberry eyes . . . a half strawberry nose . . . grated cheese hair . . . and cinnamon toast triangles for the ears! You would eat the eyes and then want two more to replace them . . . on and on and on until you were full. We played outside most of today . . . you practiced your swinging by your hands from the monkey bars on our swing set . . . we read books and went to the library for four new Max & Ruby books and a new Max & Ruby DVD to watch in the car too. You were excited with I told you that we were picking up James and Henry from their school this afternoon. Monnie took you and the boys to Chick-fil-a for lunch . . . after all three of you got balloons . . . you wanted a red one and insisted that you could hold it yourself. Well, when we went outside your balloon flew up into the trees and you cried. We went back inside and James got you another balloon . . . a red one that you were delighted with. This one made it back to Papa and Monnie’s house with you. The weather has been perfect for you to play outside every day while you were visiting us . . . today you played in the kayak that was sitting in the yard to be waiting to be cleaned up!

Can you find one yellow princess and one pink princess?

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