Another page for my granddaughter’s A Week in the Life book. This is the second double page for Thursday the 29th. We all had a very busy and very fun day!!

Journaling: These are some more things that we did today Amelia. This morning after breakfast, Papa and Monnie took you to the Farmer’s Co-op to see the baby chicks and the baby bunnies. You loved to look at them, but when Mr. Charles took one of the baby bunnies out of the cage for you to pet you didn’t want to touch it! You loved to watch both the chicks and the bunnies drink from the little water sipper that was on the side of the cages. When you got tired of the little animals we drove to the Discovery House where you love to go with Papa. Papa loves to play there just as much as you do! You painted, and worked in the little grocery store sorting the boxes of pasta and the cans of tomatoes. You put your shopping basket with wooden fruit and vegetables on the checkout counter and watched as Papa turned the crank and let your groceries move to the cash register where you could punch buttons to see how much money you had to pay. Next you played on the toddler room walking on the stepping-stones and on the jumping room. The jumping room has always been your favorite place! Next, Papa introduced you to the big slide. You have always been afraid of sliding down before, but today to loved it so much. Papa had to walk you up the steps to the second floor about 30 times . . . Monnie would wait for you a the bottom as you popped out smiling and laughing and ready to go back upstairs to do it again! You didn’t wear your princess dress to much today. You did have it on this morning for a little while before we left to see the animals though. After we picked your cousins up from school and went to eat lunch with them you played with your balloon we all rode the Gator. Papa was home while you took a short nap today while Monnie took the boys to their house in time for their supper. After your nap, you put on a princess dress to play and then after you bath you wore a princess dress over your pajamas to sleep in all night!

Can you find one green princess, two baby chicks and one bunny?

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