Here is the double page for the sixth day of our granddaughter’s visit to our house. We were busy, busy, busy . . . Amelia was especially busy as all princesses are! I’ve decided to add Katie’s little princess epoxies to this page so Amelia can look for them when she reads her book . . . and have gone back and added them to each of the previous pages. I love seeing them peeking out from among the photographs and think that Amelia will have fun with it too.

Journaling: (left page) Amelia, his morning you begin with the blue princess dress on and ended up with the raggedy pink and yellow princess. The most fun today was playing with Andrew all afternoon. It was fun eating supper with Andrew . . . you were being very silly and Austin laughed and laughed at you. Can you find two green princesses and a knight in shining armor? (right page) Papa, Uncle Kevin and Austin went to Ft. Campbell this morning . . . you and Monnie had a tea party with the bears and watched Max & Ruby. Then we went outside for a walk until it started thundering, so we had to come inside and have our lunch a little early. You took a good nap and then you and Monnie went to the grocery store for milk, diapers and blueberries. You were ready to play with Austin as soon as they came home. You thought sword fighting was such fun . . . and eating with Austin was great fun too. Papa & Monnie watched basketball on television and you played with the little kitchen in the playroom until time for your bath.

Can you find two green princesses and one knight in shining amour?

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