A little story that needs to be told - journalling reads (hope it doesn't offend) - Checking my emails the other day, I found an itunes receipt. That’s very strange, I thought, I haven’t bought any music for weeks! I was about to contact itunes when I realised the purchase was a Guy Sebastion song. A favourite of Claire’s! She wouldn’t be able would she??? Casually I asked the question. Did you buy a Guy song from the internet? Yes”, she answered brightly, “AND Jack AND Reece!” Well, she hadn’t been quite THAT successful - but she’d certainly managed to purchase one song! It might not be politically correct to say so - but really - retarded is as retarded does!!!

KPertiet - Stitched Layered Template No.8 **coming soon**
Striped Mix: Autumn Ice Paper Pack
Artistry de Blanco Kit (Alpha - used to make itunes button)
Krafty Canvas Paper Pack No. 01
LGrieveson - Worn Borders No. 05