We were blessed to have our youngest grandchild for a little more than a week this month . . . and of course, my camera was delighted too! So, when I saw this new template set from Ali I knew exactly what I would do with it. I think that I will have at least 20 pages for a Shutterfly book to give her as a memory of this sweet visit. I need to finish it by the 18th in order to use a coupon on the book! I will make the deadline . . . because, Ali’s new templates are so, so quick to pull together. I have added two little princesses from Katie's kit for Amelia to find as she looks at her book.

This fabulous template set from Ali Edwards is new in the store this weekend and is marked down until April the 21st!

Journaling: Today you had to abandon the swings for a while, Amelia . . . Papa found a million ants around it! He sprayed and we were able to play again after lunch . . . you played in your raggedy pink & yellow princess dress all day. We walked to the pond so you could see the two beautiful Canada geese that are nesting there. You had a great supper of sausage, fruit & cinnamon toast which Monnie fixed for you on a plate arranged like a face with toast triangles as ears! You loved it and ate every bite. After your bath we read Max and Ruby and the Three Bears . . . and you promised you wouldn’t rip them up if I let you take them to bed with you. (You love reading in bed when you awaken each morning.) What could be more fun than sliding down to Papa! You learned to hang by your hands from the monkey bar handles today and were so excited when you found that you could pull your little legs up and get a push to swing to & fro!


Can you find two pink princesses?

100% Designer Digitals:
Memory Circles Brushes and Stamps – Ali Edwards
Princess Fairy Tale Element Pack - Katie Pertiet
Snowy Christmas Kit (paper recolored) – Pattie Knox
Week In The Life Layered Template Set 12x12 Vol. 04 – Ali Edwards