We were blessed to have our youngest grandchild for a little more than a week this month . . . and of course, my camera was delighted too! So, when I saw this new template set from Ali I knew exactly what I would do with it. This is the first set of pages for the days that she was with us . . . I think that I will have at least 20 pages for a Shutterfly book to give her as a memory of this sweet visit. I think that this is next to the last day we had her, so guess that my pages are definitely out of order.

Journaling: Monnie left her house at 8:30 and headed to your house. She listened to a good book on the car DVD player. You were right at the door jumping up and down and laughing . . . Monnie couldn’t wait to give you a hug. Soon you Monnie & Mama went to each lunch at the Cookhouse and then visited your favorite toy store . . . you wore your tutu with one ballet slipper and one tap shoe to lunch and all over town today! Everyone smiled at your and told you how much they liked your shoes. Later we picked up Mary Paul & Mark from school. Next Monnie and Mark went to the Smocking Shop to buy lace for Mary Paul’s Easter dress and we got some fabric for pajamas for Mark. Gosh Mark is a darling boy . . . so sweet . . . always hugging & kissing you and telling me that he loves me . . . he melts my heart. Your mama took Mary and Mark to their baseball games . . . you were sleeping so I stayed home with you, Amelia. Your mama picked up barbeque for supper for all of us so we could eat just as soon as your daddy got home. Then you, your sister and brother all went to bed at 8:30 after reading with Mama & Daddy.


Can you find one orange princess and one pink ballerina with a tap shoe?

100% Designer Digitals:
Littlest Ballerina Element Pack - Katie Pertiet
Memory Circles Brushes and Stamps – Ali Edwards
Princess Fairy Tale Element Pack - Katie Pertiet
Snowy Christmas Kit (orange paper) – Pattie Knox
Week In The Life Layered Template Set 12x12 Vol. 04 – Ali Edwards