We were blessed to have our youngest grandchild for a little more than a week this month . . . and of course, my camera was delighted too! So, when I saw this new template set from Ali I knew exactly what I would do with it. I think that I will have at least 20 pages for a Shutterfly book to give her as a memory of this sweet visit. I need to finish it by the 18th in order for a 50% off on the book! I will make the deadline . . . because, Ali’s new templates are so, so quick to pull together.

Journaling: Amelia your mama just got home from visiting friends in New Orleans so she had a lot of things to do . . . you and Monnie helped a little bit when we could. Monnie got to use your new washing machine and dryer and boy are they nice . . . you can look inside and watch your blankets go around & around. You love to pick tiny bouquets of these pretty little wild flowers, which grow in your front yard, Anderson. You went to nursery school this morning and cried a little bit when your mama took you inside. While you were at school, your mama and Monnie went to Smith’s to look for goodies from Mac’s birthday party before having lunch. After school we got gas for Monnie’s car and then let you help take your pink & blue blankets to Monnie’s car while your mama carried your little suitcase and some pretty dresses to pack in the back. Mama put your car seat in Monnie’s car. We loaded a Max & Ruby movie in to Monnie’s DVD player and took off toward Papa & Monnie’s house. We stopped a couple of times to change the movie and to get a little snack on the way. You were so excited when you saw our driveway! When Papa wasn’t in the kitchen you said that he was playing “hide and peep” with you. He was really still at the farm. Before bedtime you played with Papa and had supper, brushed your teeth and read two books before going to sleep in the little blue crib.


Can you find two little purple princesses?

100% Designer Digitals:
Memory Circles Brushes and Stamps – Ali Edwards
Princess Fairy Tale Add-On Paper Pack - Katie Pertiet
Snowy Christmas Kit (paper recolored) – Pattie Knox
Week In The Life Layered Template Set 12x12 Vol. 04 – Ali Edwards

My pages for this book are definitely being made out of order . . . I'm jumping from to & fro!