We were blessed to have our youngest grandchild for a little more than a week this month . . . and of course, my camera was delighted too! So, when I saw this new template set from Ali I knew exactly what I would do with it. This is the first set of pages for the days that she was with us . . . I think that I will have at least 20 pages for a Shutterfly book to give her as a memory of this sweet visit. I think that this is next to the last day we had her, so guess that my pages are going to be out of order. At this point Amelia loves to dress up in costumes every day . . . this week she was a princess almost all the time . . . so I'm using one of Katie's princess epoxies on each page for her to find.

(The white around her mouth is soap . . . thankfully she didn't get any in her eyes . . . she was determined to take her bath in the too small kitchen sink this evening!)

Journaling: Amelia, you slept until about eight or nine . . . Papa went for his coffee . . . and Monnie sewed until you woke up . . . then breakfast of cinnamon toast and fruit. That is what you ordered this morning and you specified blueberries. You wanted to paint with the new bottles of paint that make big dots and you wanted to watch Max and Ruby again and again and again! You dressed in your blue princess dress this morning and changed into the pink & yellow one a couple of hours later! At two we went to pick up Henry and James at school . . . then we drove to the high school . . . parked and then Henry said that Mitchell didn't go to school today. James did reach Mitchell and he wasn't at school . . . some sort of testing that he didn't need to do i think. Monnie took you and the other two boys to Chick-fil-a and then home . . . the boys played on swings with you and rode on the Gator. James drove, Amelia sat in Monnie’s lap and Henry rode in the back and held onto the bar that Mitchell fixed for him a couple of weeks ago. Aunt Carrie got here about five or five thirty to talk the boys to their house. Amelia, you really wanted them to stay here . . . you loved playing with them and really loved James! Papa got home about the same time and took you outside . . . you wanted to get into the swimming pool again . . . it was over eighty degrees today so it was definitely warm enough even though the water was a tad cool you didn’t seem to mind. Papa brought you inside before seven for supper of a hot dog, strawberries and biscuits. Then a clean up in the kitchen sink which you loved so much and your books . . . Monnie read three and you wanted one more! We put you to bed in the little blue crib and you were out like a light. Monnie worked on Mary Paul’s Easter dress until midnight. We will leave in the morning about eleven to get to your house by two. Your mama is getting her hair cut at noon and we wanted to be there as soon as she was finished so you can give her big hugs and kisses and tell her that you missed her! And, to go to pick up Mary & Mark from school with Mama too.


Amelia, can you find two blue princesses?

100% Designer Digitals:
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Princess Fairy Tale Element Pack
Snowy Christmas Kit (aqua paper) – Pattie Knox
Week In The Life Layered Template Set 12x12 Vol. 04 – Ali Edwards