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*Designer Digitals*
Maplebrook Studios
Limon Kit
Cathy Zielske
Typesets Hello Ness Brushes and Stamps
Studio Double-D
Flowering Clusters No. 01

Text for those that want to read it (it is long you don't have to!): Lately Iíve been so happy. I am happy with our house even though we considered downsizing so we could have less to clean. But family has always been so important and I feel so blessed that we have the space to open our home when needed. I am happy with our kids although Nathan always said he would have more if money wasnít an issue and we could hire a nanny and a maid! Iím happy we have 3 kids and feel a sense of relief that we can move forward now and enjoy each little milestone one more time. I am happy with our new GMC Terrain. I love how sexy it looks compared to if we would have bought a van. I love the fact that it is good on gas too. I am happy with our friends. I love that we each have 3 kids now and they will grow along side eachother and will have a relationship for years and years to come. I am happy when I think of upcoming family events. I get excited when I think of camping with our little ones, taking them to the beach and teaching them to fish. I am happy that we are starting to pay off debt even though it may take years still to come. I am happy with each little personality that is starting to bloom in our children. I love when I can laugh at the things they say and come up with. Danika made me chuckle when she played gamecube the other night remarking ďif you are wondering why Iím so quiet itís because Iím winningĒ (age 3). And then there is Hailey that will mimic me as a mother. This morning she helped Danika up to the bathroom sink so she could brush and style her hair. I am happy when Eden holds on to your hands and will take steps. Itís so funny to see this 7 month old already wanting to take off and move. I am happy that I have a job to go back to in July. It might be hard to get back to the grind but Iím looking forward to small breaks away from home and then having my girls run into my arms when I get home. I am happy that my pregnancy body has returned, even if it wasnít that great to begin with. I will always love food and will struggle once I decide to take off even 5 pounds. I am happy in my marriage that I have a husband to lean on, to hug, to kiss and to have daily conversations with about anything and everything. I am happy today with my life, where it is right here, right now.