The most beautiful Catholic Priest in our little town left this year and it's been quite a loss. He was just magnificent. I know Mike thought a great deal of him so I wanted to put a page about his last sermon in our album. Photos taken after his last service with my mobile phone so they are not the greatest.

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January 2012 saw a rotation
amongst the Catholic Priests and it was time to say farewell to Father Eugene, probably the best Catholic Priest that Mortlake has had. He was being moved to serve the Donald area. After three years of service in Terang, Mortlake and Carramut, it was a very emotional last sermon for him. The tiny Caramut church was filled to capacity and the local publican in the small town was getting nervous in case everyone came back to the pub afterwards for a meal, she said she didnít have enough food to cater! At the end of the service Father Eugene made a quick exit out the side door, mumbling that he would see everyone out there. But when we got out there we could see he had shed a few tears.

It was Father Eugene that got Mike sort of back to church. Well actually, it was the fact that Mike wanted to get the St. Christopher medallion blessed, that he had gotten Wes for his 21st birthday, that actually got him back to church, and it was Father Eugene that kept him there. He said he will miss Mike sneaking into the back of the church thinking no one had realised he was late until he sat down with a creak on the church pew. Such a wonderful, respectful and cheerful man, who was loved by so many. Such a loss to the town.