We have had our two year old granddaughter all week . . . what a treat . . . what an active and busy time!! I made two double pages for the week because I took hundreds of photographs! They pretty much look like I could have taken them all on the same day, because she dressed in a princess dress most every day!


Journaling: SUNDAY . . . Church & Sunday School and then lunch at the Chop House. MONDAY I drove to Braxton to spend the night. On TUESDAY I helped Bess around the house; went to the Cookhouse for lunch; shopped; picked up kids from school; left to take Amelia back to our house. WEDNESDAY Amelia slept until ten; we ate at Chick-fil-a; played on swings; watched Max & Ruby; naptime; I sewed. THURSDAY we took Amelia to the Co-op to see the chicks & bunnies and then to the Discovery Center. Picked up Harrison & Jackson; to Chick-fil-a; played on swings and rode Gator. FRIDAY Ed went to the farm for the day. Amelia & I stayed at home until time to pick up the boys from their two schools. All four kids were a bit cross . . . nothing went smoothly for any of them. The boys were all over each other it seemed. Tears & meltdowns galore! SATURDAY was a beauty of a day . . . Amelia and I went to Kroger’s for more diapers, wipes and bananas. While at the grocery she asked me for a beach ball . . . I said, “they don’t have a beach ball here’. Amelia answered me, ‘I don’t want a beer . . . they are for daddies”. We stayed home the rest of the day; played outside, painted, watched Max & Ruby. She got a good nap today and I sewed while she slept. Ken and Andy got to the farm about ten and came on to our house. Ed took them to Ft. Campbell so Andy could see the airplanes and the base. Ed got an IPad3 at the BX. They got home about six. We had left over beef stew and hotdogs. Amelia went to bed by eight . . . she talked at least an hour about bears and tea parties (I love listening in on the monitor). I sewed on Mary Paul’s Easter dress and ripped out after Ken and Andy left for the farm. And more journaling for the second two pages: Spring is here. . the temps are in the 70’s up to 85 degrees. We jumped from fall to spring to summer in the blink of an eye . . . no winter this year! Amelia has been with us all week and has worn one princess dress or the other (or one on top of another) every day! She is a darling and we have had the most wonderful time.

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