We were on our way home from the Chinese restaurant we stopped at after the Zumba demonstration downtown. At first you didnít want to go but then you agreed to come along and I am so glad you did. We had such a fabulous time, I havenít laughed this much in a long time. We older girls shared a couple of Volcanoes and you collected the straws afterward. You were egging me on to sip up the strong alcohol in the center, I canít believe you did that! And then the most fun part was still to come when we stopped on the bridge over 56 where you did the mini flash mob with ďSexy and I Know ItĒ. Those photos with you in them are pure joy, you are laughing ear to ear, so much fun to see! It really was a great afternoon, I am so glad we all went

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Layer Works No. 175 (altered)

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Worn Borders No. 04
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