My page is for this week's Heritage Challenge on the DD Blog. We scrapped a meaningful inanimate object . . . lots of fun . . . and hopefully I will continue to scrap memories brought to me by little things that just sit on the shelf or in a corner. Smile

Journaling: while cleaning my aunt’s home i found a few clothes pins on the line in the back yard. they brought a rush of memories to me so i plucked them off and tucked them in among the few things that i want to cling to that bring wonderful memories of years gone by. mother barefoot and tan reaching to peg daddy’s pants to the line on stretchers. my teddy bear hanging by one ear as i waited to carry him to my bed. my high school years of crinoline petticoats starched stiff and draped over open umbrellas to dance in the breeze. aunt velma’s quilts pegged by many cousins on the line at a reunion to air and to pour over. mama letting me hand her the clothes pins while she neatly lined up dish towels, dresses, pillow cases and sheets. the smell of clean sheets just brought inside from the sun and made up on my bed. daddy stretching old blankets on the line and anchoring them with bricks to make a tent for me to play in with my dolls. the sweet smell of diapers piled in my laundry basket from our early army years in germany.

100% Designer Digitals:
Conifere Kit – Katie Pertiet
Domesticity Hand Drawn Words - Ali Edwards
Hint at it: Love – Lynn Grieveson
In Stitches: Wings No. 01 - Katie Pertiet
Pina Solids Paper Pack – Andrea victoria
Spring Twists No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Vintage Charm Kit - Katie Pertiet
Watery Photo Masks No. 01 – Katie Pertiet