Kyle turned 15th months yesterday but it was rainy so I am glad to have snapped these pics with my phone the day before! Thanks for looking!

Journaling - 15 months. You are definitely a walker and not a talker. Besides a word that sounded very similar to doggy in December and ďbaĒ sometimes when you see a ball, you do not say much. Just sounds. This past month you have started saying baby when you see a picture of one so Daddy and I have agreed that this is officially your first word. You definitely have an opinion about what books you donít like. You will try to close them and push them away if you are not interested. When we have a new book sometimes it just takes a couple times reading it, but some you have never warmed up to. There is one book that has a picture of a boot on the page and when we get to it I will say ďshoeĒ and then take your foot and try to put them together. I will do it over and over and you think itís pretty funny. Unfortunately you had a second round of antibiotics for a continued ear infection. At least this time the infection was not making you cranky. Hopefully when we see the doctor next week it will be nice and clear. After the first round of antibiotics you had a bout of hives. That was kind of scary for us (although it didnít seem to bother you) and lasted four days. We think it could have been from grapefruit but the doctor said with hives sometimes you never find out what caused the reaction. Great! Your seventh tooth came in on March 20th. You had your first visit to the dentist on March 26th. That did not go very well. The dentist said he had never seen so much (tarter) build up on a one-year-old, and he had to scrape it off which, needless to say, you didnít enjoy. Since Brandon and Alex havenít had really any problems to speak of this came as a surprise to me. The dentist said it could be your saliva causing the problem, but weíll make a better effort in brushing to see if that improves the situation. You LOVE to turn things - anything you can get your hands on. The wheels on a stroller or scooter, pedals on a bike, knobs on Alexís guitar and amp, and really whatever you see that is round you will try to turn. It is very cute because when one hand is turning the other hand is making the motion (in midair) as well. You can follow directions. If I say we are going to do laundry you will go to the dryer. If I say we are going in the car, you will head to the door that leads to the garage. If I say we are going upstairs, you will go to the gate at the bottom of the stairs. At night when Daddy says itís bath time, you squeal with delight and head to the stairs, obviously excited for this fun evening activity! Alex has been making you laugh hysterically lately with her funny faces and antics, especially at night when you are sitting in the red chair with Daddy after reading your bedtime story. I know this isnít the ideal time to get you all excited, but at least you are going to bed in a good mood!

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