Oh how I messed up today...

Today was field day at school. Dad and I planned to be there. I marked the date and time on our shared family calendar. It was neatly tucked up in the cloud. But somehow I thought the end time was the start time. So sure was I, that I didn’t consult the calendar this morning. And this, my sweet boy, is the part where I apologize again eleventy thousand, bazillion, patrillion times. We would have never done that on purpose. The look on your face when we arrived for the last 20 minutes, holding back tears, and trying not cry in front of your friends, broke my heart. We missed you winning first place in hula hoop, but we watched you win the tug of war. And dad jumped in to play tug of war on Mr. Boychuk’s team against the teachers. You promised that we made it up to you when we brought you Chik-Fil-A for lunch. You gave forgiveness without hesitating. For that I love you even more.

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