Thanks Merr...I loved this fun!

Journaling: We have had no snow so when Brian suggested that we all go tubing, I was a little skeptical. We headed out to Elm Creek and walked into a winter wonderland. I couldn’t believe how much snow they had. The snow machines were certainly getting a workout. The runs were HUGE and the first time that we went down, I think it would be safe to say that everybody was a little freaked out. We went down again and everybody loved it. When we got up to the top of the hill, Qunn said that he wanted to go by himself. He was the youngest one in our group and the only only one to go by himself that day. As I let him go, he was just beaming and he was giving me the thumbs up. The slopes were very steep and there were points when the person disappeared from sight. As Quinn disappeared out of sight, the last thing I saw was his little fist giving me the thumbs up.

K. Pertiet: Snow Pushers Kit

L. Grieveson: Midwinter Kit

Maplebrook Studios: Jelly Alphabet No. 28

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