Another random spread for my beach holiday book. I loved Andrea's new papers and had to find some photos to work with them. Each year a much loved local identity dubbed "the kite man" provides kits for tourists to fly. He passed away the week before we went to the beach. The townsfolk all flew kites in his memory.
Journaling: On our return we found that the community was paying tribute to their Kite Man in the best possible way. Dozens of kites were launched at Southcombe Park including the trademark octopus. It was a very moving farewell to the man whose life touched thousands.
Here's the two page spread:
Andrea Victoria:
So So Geo Paper Pack (recolored slightly)
Lynn Grieveson:
Worn Photo Edges
Katie Pertiet:
Stapled Photos Layered Templates
Tabbed Dates No. 03
Twisted Stitches No. 03 Value Pack
Maplebrook Studios:
Layered Memories No. 138
Pattie Knox:
Getting There Kit