I got a little sidetracked and didn't get many pages of my holiday book posted. I want to be sure to share my favorites. Thanks for looking! Angie

Days of December Layered Template Set No. 5
Naturally Krafty No. 12
Santa Land Paper Pack

Journaling reads:
When we put our tree up in the corner of the kitchen, I noticed that our tree topper just wasn’t right. It was a bit tarnished, and it just never fit our tree very well. Now that the tree was in the center of our living space, the old topper just wouldn’t work. I haven’t had any luck finding anything new. Jake took matters into his own hands after taking apart a toy bath fountain that wasn’t working. He took out the motor and wires, put the plastic back together, asked for string, and hung his ornament as close to the top as he could get. He announced, “This looks awesome!” I couldn’t agree more! Our tree is for our kids. If this is the topper he wants to use, that is fine with me.