I feel so bad!!! We've been so busy this month (what's up with that?) that I haven't even had time to lurk in the gallery, much less do a page or leave comments. And I MISS all you guys!! I PROMISE I'll get some comments done today since today and tomorrow I'm off (thanks to a broken washing machine). I sneaked off this morning with the camera to grab a Starbucks and a few photos.
Found this little guy at the puddle. I've heard them all along, but could never catch a glimpse of them. This morning, he acted like he had an appointment for a photo shoot, so I obliged. Isn't he cute? His little honey stayed in the grass and pretty much out of shooting range.
Really weird January this year!! Temps from 15 F to 60 F. My daffodils are 4 inches high already, and the tree across the street is thinking seriously about bursting its buds. I'm not complaining about the warm, though!! And I LOVE this sunshine!

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