I wanted to play with my camera today, (my new years resolution is to take more photos, and get better shots in general)..
I borrowed this gorgeous french, very old, pink glass (from our friend who is 67yrs old, it belonged to his mother), got out my fake pearls, silk flowers in an old vase,set all this up in my laundry, (the light is much better there) I got out my damask tablecloth, threw it over the washing machine and started snapping away.. I overlaid the photos with a texture.. featuring my Pandora bracelets again..

oops..... just realised I've got Feb along the bottom, a day early... oh well... who's to know! haha

Classic Cardstock: Cleansing / recolored
Vintage Photo Frames No. 22

Paper/ Color Challenge 73111

Artplay Solids Gather Paper
Gold leaves #2

Thanks for looking: Janet Smile