Well, this LO isn't exactly my heritage of growing up, but it is a story of how my baby came to be...

Keith and I have wanted to add to our family again. However, we’ve been unsuccessful. After much thought, we’ve decided to go in the route of IVF .This entails daily shots on my behalf. First, starting with small needles going into my abdomen and when the time comes, some larger needles going into my backside. I attended a class on how to administer shots. This part I was really not looking forward to. The pile of prescriptions arrived, little to my knowledge at the time, it wasn’t all of them. We had to order more since my body wasn’t ready for everything. Finally my ovaries were ready for the retrieval. Talisa spent the night at my mom’s house and Keith and I made it up to the Utah Center of Reproductive Center for my 9 am appointment on September 13, 2008. Things went well, so it seemed for my egg retrieval. Dr. Peterson sent me home with papers and instructions to stay off my feet for a few days. I went home and took a nap. Then I rested and watched a little TV. I could feel pain in my abdomen, but I assumed it was all from my retrieval. Looking over the paper work that was sent home with me, I was able to call in for some narcotics but I figured I could fight the pain for a few hours until it became better. So I just took some more Tylenol. Around 5:30 pm I was feeling tired so I began to lie down on the couch for another nap, when I froze due to severe pain. Keith had to help me sit back up. He went to the other room to grab the glider for me so I could rest on it. When he left the room to get it, I began feeling odd. My vision became week and I couldn’t focus. I tried yelling for help but I couldn’t. He came into the room and I told him that I felt as if I was going to pass out. He told me to put my head between my legs, but it was too painful. I was having a hard time breathing as well as talking. I struggled to say “No! Too painful.” He told me to put my head back, I obediently did. At this point I turned completely white, my eyes rolled back and Keith could no longer see the blue in my eyes, it was all pupil. He got close to me and he couldn’t tell if I was breathing or not. He yelled my name, then he ran and grabbed the phone and dialed 911 . I woke up in a hot sweat and shaking. When the paramedics arrived they took my vitals. My temperature was 100 and my blood pressure was 50/40. They rushed me to the ER. After four hours of testing, more medications, a blessing and a few ultrasounds, they finally found out what was going on. Apparently during the egg retrieval, they punctured me and I was bleeding internally. I spent the next few days in the Intermediate Care Unit. The good news with all of this is they were able to retrieve three eggs from me. Two of them formed into embryos and the embryologist is keeping his eye on them. After this ordeal, I never want to go through this process again. So after much thought we put both embryos in. I’d rather have twins than no baby at all after this process.

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