I had to have a play with Cassie's new Dripping With Color tutorial! As usual it is full of helpful tips including how to use masks which I've never fully understood. I started out as a photo of a pretty rose and lots of vibrant colors and look where I ended up!! I realized that a rose was not pale enough. As Cassie explains in the tutorial, it is the pale part of the photo that stands out. So I found this over exposed photo of my youngest lovingly placing her Harry Potter collector cards into their album!
BTW, did you know it's 1 week and 4 days until the new HP DVD is realeased? I didn't. Apparently that's a very important fact to know!!
How’d They Do That? No. 28: Dripping With Color
Classic Cardstock: Into the Night
Full Page Frames No. 02
Font: Harry Potter Smile
Oooh - and if you download the Harry Potter font make sure you read the "readme" file for a special trick!