Lately I feel like I'm in a rut when I go to leave a comment on someone's page. It would be easier if the editor worked so we could underline, or print in bold type or Italics, but about all we have to add dimension to a comment are those darned exclamation marks!!!!! I feel like I'm wearing that key out. And I find myself using the same superlatives over and over until I feel like a broken record. So I've written my favorites down on this chart. Now, I'll just be able to jot "A,B,C" and you'll know exactly what I mean, right?

Oops! Thank you, Susan!! I'll correct the typo on my copy!

Lynn Grieveson
Alphabetically Mini-Kit

Cassie Jones
Laying It All Out No. 03: Custom Stickers and Clever Layering

Katie Pertiet
Clean Stitched Circles: White No. 1

Messy Stitched Circles: White No. 1
Googly Eyes No. 01
Lifted Leaves No. 01