This is the companion page to the single picture page I posted earlier. I wanted to remember a few things about what he is doing right now!

Products used:
Katie Pertiet -
Fine Lines Page titles No 7
Splatters No 3
Striped mix:Sunshine paper pack
E-mail inspiration 9/18/11

Journaling reads : 1) Your first two teeth just came in. The bigger boys are always sticking their fingers in your mouth and now you will chomp on them! They are always surprised when it hurts.

2) you have such a sweet personality and are always smiling. When we are out running errands you love to people watch and as soon as you have someone’s attention you will flash them a huge grin.

3) You love to be with your brothers. If they are all playing in their room I can take you in with them and you will just crawl around on the floor and be happy.

4) You have started eating puffs - your hand-eye coordination is good enough to grab them and put them in your mouth. You will eat as many as I give you. I have to be careful to not put too many out at a time because you will put them all into your mouth at once.

5) you are doing the “low crawl” but are very very fast at it. You will get up on your hands and knees, but don’t like to crawl that way. You will crawl over to the rails on the chairs or other low items and pull up onto your knees. It won’t be long before you are pulling all the way to a stand.

6) Everything you find goes into your mouth. I have to vacuum and sweep all the time and you still manage to find little things that I have to fish out of your mouth multiple times per day!

7) Your routine is something like this - get up around 7:30 AM play and eat and then nap around 9:30. After that nap it is time to play and eat some more and then nap around 2. You have another short nap in the evening, right around 5 or 6. Then you like to snuggle with mom in the evenings and go to sleep around 8 or 9. You wake up one or two times a night and then it is time to start all over again!

Thanks for looking!