You know how you have all these pretty papers in your stash that you know you bought for a reason, but you've sort of fogotten you had them? Well, I have a bunch of those. And I have a few accessory items that I know how to do on my own because Pattie taught me, but I seldom ever do them because it's just easier not to. Well, Pattie's text bytes have always intrigued me because they're unique. And holding with the rule that everything is a potential clipping mask (well, face it. They include a clipping mask.) I took them "out of the box" so to speak and went somewhere else with them.

I love chickens and roosters, but I need another dust collector like I need a hole in my head. But I thought this might be cute on a wall. When I started out, I thought it ought to be pretty easy. After all, Pattie had done the hard part for me. All I had to do was the body and the head. Who knew chickens were so hard to draw????

Katie Pertiet
Farm Fresh

Colorful Edgers 2

Chalked rubbings 2

Pattie Knox
Text Bytes 9 (this was where this all started. It's all your fault, Pattie!)

Maplebrook Studios ( I have a serious thing for Michelle's papers)




I forgot to put in here that I used Cassie Jones' tutorials on Bending shadows

and Making waves