Inspired by Paula's Dingle Races and the Ad that inspired that! Thanks Paula Smile
Actually, I forgot to do a title on this spread, but maybe it doesn't need one?!
Some old and dear friends (who had been concerned about my DH's health) came for a visit. Journaling is:
Jill and Peter came over for the day. Peter was particularly keen to see Lake Eppalock full of water. It had been raining during the seek and both the overflow and the pipe were releasing huge amounts of water. The roar of the water flowing out of the outlet pipe was quite amazing. There were signs of flooding all around. It was wonderful to see so much water. The lake was dry just a few short years ago. Now the fishermen and yacht owners are doing the things they love again!
By the time we reached the yacht club the boats had all returned. There was so little wind that the water was like a mirror - good for photos but not good for sailing! It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and it was terrific to spend it with such special friends.

Andrea Victoria:
Simple Nature Solid Paper Pack (photo is blended into the blue paper)
Cassie Jones:
How’d They Do That? No. 17: PSE Layer Masks (for the gradient blending)
Katie Pertiet:
Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 01
Assorted Messy Stitches: White No. 01
File Tabs Words: Summer No. 01
Vintage Photo Frames No. 22
Loosely Labeled Dates
Pattie Knox:
Absolutely Acrylic: Splashes