I hope this information may be beneficial to other migraine sufferers here. tfl.

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Iíve suffered with headaches / migraines for 20+ years. The worst was when I got them during pregnancy because I couldnít take my OTC meds that would otherwise normally alleviate my pain. It hwas so bad at one point that I had to go to be hospitalized while I was pregnant with Ria. Anil doesnít understand the pain I go through everytime I get a bad migraine, because he doesnít get them (I so envy him!!). However, my dad understands because he suffers with them too (guess where I get mine from now?), worse than me probably. After giving birth to Ria, I bought an Apple app to keep track of my headaches and what/how much meds I take for them. This will be useful if I go to see a neurologist again one day. I did go to a neurologist in Dallas about 5 years ago, but he only said exactly what I had expected him too - prescribing me medicine to avoid getting migraines. No thanks!! I donít want to be caught into a loop where I am dependent on pills to make me feel better.

Last month in July was unusually bad for my headaches. For 2 weeks straight, I had bad pain every single day, where I had to end up taking advil and/or tylenol. Iíd feel a little better, and then the pain would be right back the next day. I held out for as long as I could, and then ended up taking advil again. It was pretty scary. My OBGYN said I may be in rebound. So I made up my mind to not take pills for the next headache so I could Ďbreakí my cycle. And I KNEW I would get a headache next day. Sure enough, there it was. I went to work and was not there even 10 minutes when I was throwing up. My pain was becoming stronger as the day progressed. Oh how slowly that day passed - it was just horrible. I normally rate my headaches 4 or 5 out of 10; this was definitely 10/10. I was still hell-bent on not taking meds for it. Whatís the point? The headache would just come right back. So I then decided to go a different route and see a holistic dr. Luckily they had an appt. available that day. Turns out the Drís husband works there too, and heís a chiropractor. They both said my neck was as stiff as a board. He told me that x percentage of headaches are cervicogenic. Iím so hoping Iím part of that percentage! He made 4 adjustments on me, and Iíve been headache free for a month now!! That is huge for me. I need to see him for another 10 visits. I really hope this is the answer to my years of headaches.

Anil took this of me on one of my sick days. And it totally depicts the typical me when I get a migraine - - non-functional and no energy to do anything. I feel (and am) pretty useless on these days. I fear these moments so much.