I've been making monthly LO's for my niece. My sister sends me the journaling. Thanks for looking! Angie

Gina Miller Simply Sketches - Set 7. Girls Dressed in Denim by Natalie Braxton. Trendy Trims and Funky Garden by Gina Miller for FPD. Papers from Ribbon Candy and monogram from Skinny Minny by Traci Murphy. Tagged by Gina Miller. Background by Gina Miller from AATP - the Solids. Gina's Gems and Stitch Essentials: the X-Factor by Gina Miller. Text is SP Inspired.

Journaling reads: On Saturday, November 4th, you spent the entire day with Daddy for the first time. Mommy was tired and needed a day to relax, so you and Daddy went for a walk down to the Art Foundary Center in downtown St. Charles. You had a great time seeing all the art and hanging out in your stroller. You then took a snooze while Daddy read and drank coffee at Picasso’s. Daddy says it was a great bonding experience. On Sunday, November 5th, we took you to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to see the ChiHuly exhibit. You slept the entire time. It was cold outside, and you were all bundled in your stroller with just your little face sticking out. You looked very cozy! We moved you to your big girl crib on November 6th. You sleep 6 1/2 hours a night. Your bedtime is 10 PM, and you sleep until 4:30 AM. I get up to feed and change you, and you go back to sleep until 6:30. I bring you to bed with me then until 7. You normally snooze in Mommy and Daddy’s bed then while I am getting ready for work. You got sick for the first time. It started with diarrhea on November 7th, and it continued through the week. On Friday of that week, you started running a low-grade fever. Mommy called the doctor, and they said to treat you with Tylenol. When the diarrhea persisted for 6 days and you started to cough, Daddy called and got you an appointment for November 14th. He got someone to cover for him at Sunrise Conservatory where he teaches, so he could stay home with you for the day and take you to the doctor. You are so stuffy and not smiling as much as usual. You are sleeping on your boppy with a vaporizer in your room. You now have a Jimmy Jump Up borrowed from Uncle Fred and Aunt Brownie. You love it! You sit between the living room and dining room, walk in circles, and let it unwind and swing. Aunt Brownie talked to us about the importance of tummy time, so we are working on that. You lay on a quilt and look at yourself in a mirror. When you get tired of it, you roll to your back and kick your legs in excitement!