A bittersweet layout for me... but I love the photo taken by one of Shannon's teammates' mother! She told me that I had probably taken 100s (more like 1000s!) of photos of the girls...
it was about time that *I* was in a photo or two! Gotta love her!
P.S. Shannon IS taller than me, but not quite that much taller...she still had her soccer cleats on! LOL

i think that even if i had not handed my camera to annie’s mom and i didn’t have this photo, i would still remember this day... a gorgeous day at ‘the ranch’, a tie game vs. beach, you scored despite playing exhausted from (as of yet, not diagnosed) anemia, the last game of at nationals and the day we said good-bye to the seniors, brianne and michelle. and, i won’t long forget the end of this season... the most horrible loss to surf premier, the injured players, a few players quitting before the season was over, no subs for any of your national cup games, your fatigue... yes, the end of the U17 season was stressful and sad and frustrating. but, amazingly, i will always remember your two years playing for this team as happy times, filled with fun, good soccer and some very special friends and teammates. as it turned out, unbeknownst to us at the time, this was your very last game playing for pateadores... and my last day ever taking photos of the ‘pats girls’. oh, yes... i will always remember... [cal-south nationals / rancho capistrano 5/2011]


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