Part of what I (we) do is music merchandising and tour support. So this is an "ordinary" day on the job for me...

These particular shots are from June 4th, when we sold t-shirts at a Håkan Hellström-gig here in Gothenburg. It was sold out - 24.000 tickets, and we had several of my friends working with us/for us that day. My sister took the group shot. And the tour manager took the stage shot.

"Tied Fasteners no4", "Classic Patterned - Finest" and "Clearly Layered Template" by Katie Pertiet
"Just Linens no18" by Michelle Martin

PS. Håkan Hellström is Swedish singer. HUGE here, but he sings in Swedish only. So we tour Sweden, Denmark and Norway with him. We design, produce and sell all his merchandise...