Just some random musings as I sit here w/no kids or hubby lighting fireworks in our yard... although plenty of action is going on here in town and in the surrounding neighborhood! So much going on that I'm afraid our dog is quite unnerved... poor doggie!

Today is the 4th of July.
I planned on boxing at noon but I tweaked my back yesterday... I hate not going.
I took Derek to work this morning... because of all the beach traffic, it was easier to just drop him off.
Which meant I had to pick him up, too. That’s OK... it’s nice he still needs me at 20! *smiley*
Shannon and Rick went out to lunch, then on a bike ride to the crazy, crowded peninsula.
Kyna is totally wigged out with all the commotion of the holiday. She’s been pacing for hours.
Rick gave her ‘benadryl” to calm her down last tnight... I definitely think Kyna will need a double-dose tonight!
The next-door neighbor kid (Derek’s age) has had a three-day party... it’s becoming annoying. (His parents are in Catalina.)
I love this country and celebrate our freedom, but I don’t like the immense crowds that come to the beach.
Fireworks are illegal in Newport Beach, but they’re legal in Costa Mesa.
I love fireworks displayes but I don’t like when people set them off in their yards or in the street... even ours.
So our tradition changes this year: Derek is working and Shannon is going to her friend, Cristina’s house on Lido.
One part of me is happy our family tradition has changed because we won’t have fireworks in the yard.
The other part is sad because we won’t have our family celebration.
Maybe I should take some “benadryl” with Kyna! *smiley*

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