Mollie has posted a fun challenge on the DD blog... check it out: Designer Details Although, I admit I'm still struggling with the fact that I'm "heritage"! Albeit, "borderline" heritage... Mollie said 1970 and this is 1969! (hahaha) Anyways, beach photos are easy to come by here, having grown up spending my summers at the beach club we were so fortunate to belong to... and this is where my love for volleyball was born!


One of the BEST things about my childhood/teen years was the membership we had at the Abalone Shore Club, a private beach club in Palos Verdes. We didn’t have to fight the crowds at the local beaches and we had access to, not only a huge beach, but BBQ pits, picnic tables, a clubhouse, clean restrooms, an onsite snack bar (which I operated for two years), the cliffs and tidepools, four paddle tennis courts and a sand volleyball court. Which is where I spent the majority of my time... when I wasn’t cooking in the snack bar! Labor Day weekend was the big volleyball tournament and we always had a full flight of participants AND a big gallery watching the games. We played coed doubles or 3-vs-3 (coed) and I’m proud to say that I was usually on a team in the finals and won the whole tournament more than once. It was so much fun! These photos are from the year that Bill Gussman, Tim Stancliffe and I won it all! I sewed my little romper ‘cuz I was self-conscious playing in my pink bikini!
Abalone Shore Club, Summer 1969


Layered Memories No. 142
Annelise Neutrals Paper Pack (beige)
Annelise Solids Paper Pack (aqua)

Words Of The Sea Brushes and Stamps
("beach"... I added a 'stroke' to Ali's wordart to turn it into a sticker!
My favorite thing to do w/Ali's awesome words! In case you hadn't noticed... *wink*wink*)

Beachy One Papers and Ribbons

WaterDrops No. 03 ElementSet
(You can think they're reflective of the ocean or sweat! hahaha)

Volleyball Brushes and Stamps
(I "cut" the volleyball from a sticker in the pack!)
Volleyball Collection
(2nd part of the title!)

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