I figured it's about time I'd start taking part in some challenges here at DD... I usually overlook them, because they don't "fit" with my themed books. But they work beautifully with my "regular" yearbooks! So I'm starting with this one!

"My sister and her husband has been talking about playing TP or something similar with me for years. I guess their plan was to beat me... And with the weather being so bad this Midsummer, it was time. We played in three teams; My sister and my husband together, Staffan by himself and me by myself.
Who won?
Let's just say that I am still completely undefeated in Trivial Pursuit!"

Note: My sister's husband is a complete know-it-all (we call it besserwisser), and quite a sore looser... So I've been trying to put this off! I have to admit that it felt VERY good to beat all of them! ;-)

"LayerWorks no8" by Studio DD
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