Maybe I've just discovered something everyone else knew all along. These pies are so much nicer than bought pies. It's lovely to know that there are some veges hidden in there, too! This week alone Ive baked 60 pies (3 batches)!
Ali Edwards:
For The Love Of Chevron No. 01 Paper Pack
Anna Aspnes:
ArtPlay Palette Cuisine ValueSet
LoopDaLoop Melange ArtStrokes No. 02
StraightLine Stitched White No. 02
Cassie Jones:
Howd They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows
Howd They Do That? No. 04: Selective ReColoring
Laying It All Out No. 09: Blending In and Standing Out
Mindy Terasawa:
Pretty Petals Paper Pack (blended and recolored)