So, this isn't exactly a lift of Elena so I didn't put it in the CT Lift Gallery, but it was 100% inspired by this layout: love you
I loved seeing Katie's blended photo card... I really had never visualized my oh-so-simple self using one on a layout. And, I loved the little charm and the natural colors and once I was out of my comfort zone, I added the frame! Holy Cow! How did the girl inspire me so? *wink* So, yeah... it's not an actual lift, per se, but I seriously went outta my scrappy box and created this layout.
And, it's still true to 'me'! Thank you, Elena, for the inspiration!
(And, this layout is a long story from my youth! Way back in the 60s!)

While visiting Mom and Dad one fall day, I walked up to the corner to snap some photos of the blanket of fog that hung over the harbor. As I walked a bit farther out into the fields, I turned and there I was... close to the edge of the cliff overlooking Western Avenue and near the side of the house on the corner. Very near the spot where Robin Lewis and I got busted a long, long time ago. Yep, busted. By the police. Busted but not arrested, mind you! We were 10 or 11 years old (I think) and had been exploring in the fields. We sat down on the edge of the cliff and started tossing dirt clods down onto Western Avenue, watching them explode. We were being really careful to NOT toss the clods down when a car was driving by. Seriously, we really were. But, Mr. Smith, in the corner house, saw us throwing the clods and called the police. Geez, really? We were pretty scared when the officer showed up! He made us go get our parents and the officer spoke to them, too. I remember that he was very nice and listened to us... I think he actually believed us. But, I also remember him telling us that even though we thought we were being careful, we really were creating a bit of a hazard down on the busy street and he didn’t ever want to see us throwing clods again. Which, of course, we never did! Maybe this first “run-in” with the law is what helped mold me into such an upstanding citizen? *smiley* ( Journaling 5/11 )


Oiselet Blue Solids *Coming this weekend!*
Oiselet Elements (stitching) *Coming this weekend!*
Spot Dots Brushes & Stamps No. 8 *Coming June 11th!*
Full Page Frames No. 2 *Coming this weekend!*
Blendable Photo Cards No. 2 *Coming this weekend!*
Charmed Words No. 1 *Coming this weekend!*
Katie's Roughly Outlined Font ("it all came...back to me")
Katie's Pencil Thin Font ("rushing")

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Thanks for looking! Debi