No, I haven't recorded a knockout, but yes, those ARE my boxing gloves and yes, I'm boxing! And, kickboxing! At my age... imagine! LOL It's grand fun, a great workout and I get to spend (quality?) time w/my daughter, pounding away on 150-lb bags! (hahaha) So, I scrapped this today and yesterday on my lunch hour... which is so fun, but very challenging since I don't have very many supplies loaded up at work! But, hey... sometimes, a girl's just gotta do what a girl's gotta do! *grin*

This small gym has been in the Growers Ranch shopping center for a few years and whenever Id go shopping, Id see it and think Wow, that looks like fun! But, heck... Id probably hurt myself! (haha) Still, I always wanted to try it cuz it just looked like so much fun! So, one day, Shannon tells me shes taking a free class. She had a blast and promptly convinced Rick to buy her a membership. Then she asked me if Id go with her. Really? Cool! *smiley* So, I took my free class and absolutely loved it! (I was totally exhausted after than class, but I loved it!) And, I signed up that day! Its hard to imagine that Im almost 57 years old and Ive taken up boxing... and kickboxing! Geesh! But, its a fantastic workout... we train for an hour and work our you-know-whats off! Yes, Im the oldest one there, but I work really hard and dont embarrass Shannon! Well, except for the young peeps that work there like me... Andr (manager) calls me Boler and Nina (trainer) calls me Deb-Deb! Too funny! But, its all good and I think Ill be boxing for a long, long time!


**I'll link it all up tonight! I'm at work and pressed for time! **

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