I always enjoy the Saturday Scraplift Challenge and this week was no exception! The page to lift was - https://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/ideas/showphoto.php?photo=152999&ppuser=3774

Thanks for the inspiration!

Products used (all DD)
Katie Pertiet-
Taped photo collages No 2

Anna Aspnes-
ArtPlay Genuine
ArtPlay Easter Bunny
Family Word Transfers
Torn, Disressed and in the buff tag and border set

Fonts- Downcome and Kingsthings Trypewriter 2

Journaling reads:
Christopher, there is only one word for the type of big brother you are - Sweet. These three pictures represent three different times in the last week that you have been so sweet to Zach, and I love it.

One evening Zach was laying on the floor while I was making dinner. He was really grumpy that I had put him down. But, I was determined to get dinner done so I was working as fast as I could. When I went over to pick him up I noticed that he had a sticker on his hand. I asked you about it and you told me “Mom, he was so sad that I gave him my sticker to cheer him up.”

One afternoon you were playing your DS and Zach happened to be awake. I had a few things I needed to get done so I laid him down next to you and went to do a couple chores. When I came back I saw the sweetest thing. You were playing on the DS with one hand and holding baby Zach’s hand with your other. He was so content by you, I think he could feel your love for him.

You always love to hold Zach and are very willing when I ask you. However, you also request to hold him quite frequently. I was getting ready to get Zach dressed for bed and you wanted to hold him. He was very content snuggled up on you.

Thank you Christopher, for being the biggest brother in our house - you are AWESOME at it.

Thanks for looking!!