All I can say is that the new products coming out this weekend "ROCK THE HOUSE"...including this awesome new ArtPlay Kit from Anna.

Journaling: As the days continue to slip by,
I am very well aware of how precious
the gift of life is. I am so grateful for the
blessings that surround me.
Although there are many challenges
that accompany each day, our days
are spent together and I know it
won’t always be like that and that in
itself makes each day special.

As each day unfolds, I approach the
day with my trusty camera close by. It
has become like a precious friend to me.
I realize the significance of what it is is quite simply preserving the
little details of our life. There is no way
to stop time...I certainly would if I could.
My dear camera, however gives me the
next best thing...precious images that will
allow me to escape to this special moment
once again. It brings me happiness now
and I know that down the road, I will
find joy and peace in reliving these fleeting
moments with my family who I hold so dear.
Thank you to my dear friend and here is to
many, many more years of capturing life

Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Fotographie (Coming Soon)
Easy Curled Edges (Coming Soon)
ArtPlay Palette Genuine
FotoGlows No. 04
ArtPlay Palette Celebrate ValueSet

Maplebrook Studios: Jelly Alpha No. 21 (Coming Soon)

Katie Pertiet: Twisted Strips No. 01
Hinge Pack
Ledger Brushes No. 5

Pattie Knox: Hang Its!

C. Zielske: Typesets (Word Art)

Thanks for looking!