I wrote this in 2nd person pov - like an instruction manual for the start of my day Smile

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Wake and check clock to see it's 6:09. Roll over relieved to know you have 11 more minutes. When the alarm rings at 6:20, reach around to find your glasses then get out of bed and put on one of the already-worn sweaters piled next to the dresser. If you're not up on laundry, rummage through the baskets at the foot of the bed: socks for each son will be the hardest to find.

Say howdy to your oldest son and tell him his clothes are on the floor. Make sure you don't need to pee before you say howdy to your youngest son who will insist you "Come back!--I need you!" and then tell you that he doesn't feel good. Linger a bit. Tell him you love him and he can do it and his clothes are at the foot of the bed and you’ve got to go pee.

Know this: you shouldn't open the laptop. Fill the teapot and put it on the stove. Open a can of soup, pour it in a bowl, and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Put the small pan on a burner on low with a bit of butter--THEN go on over and open the laptop and quickly retrieve your email.

Realize it's 6:35 and everyone is in danger of being late. Do this every day. Without fail. Yell a less-friendly howdy to both boys, but not one that's loud enough to wake your husband. It would not be good to have his help at this moment.

If you think you can handle it, crack open two eggs and stir them in the pan--otherwise, turn off the burner and pour two bowls of cereal. If it's a good day, you’ll open the dishwasher and retrieve 2 clean soup thermoses, 2 water bottles, and 2 hot-drink thermoses (if it's a bad day: scramble!!!).

Tell yourself, once again, that these regular efforts make up for those less-frequent times when you yell at everyone to just shut up and move right now!

Pull out the cutting board and make one peanut-butter -and- jelly-sandwich and one turkey-salami-cheese sandwich. Retrieve soup from microwave and pour into thermoses. Remove teapot from burner and pour into hot-drink thermoses.

Call up the stairs that it's quarter of and everyone better get down here now, by gosh. Your younger son appears first, moaning about how much his stomach and head hurt. Give him some kind of fruit and tell him to put his socks on. Bag up something crunchy and something fruity or vegetably. Get lunches in the bags and put eggs on plates (if you went this way) and tell older son he better get down here, by gosh, and be sure to put on deodorant.

While your sons eat, get their lunches and waterbottles into their backpacks. Unlock and open wide the front door. Check the temperature. Check the time. It will be almost 7. Tell them to pick out their tea and get it in their thermoses. Rummage for shoes and throw them out by the front door. While your sons put on their shoes, grab their coats. While they put on their coats, comb their hair. Hold open the storm door and make sure they both have their hot mugs and stand on your tiptoes on the cold cement steps while they leave.

Say that you love them. That they're awesome boys. That you hope they have a good day at the salt mines. Watch briefly as they start up the driveway. Yell to the oldest to help the youngest with his sax. Yell again that you love them.

Finally: shut the door, pour a diet coke, grab a
blanket and sink into your chair with your laptop. Your day has begun.