After a cold snowy week last week, this flower in a planter outside of Starbucks on Saturday, made me smile. In the late summer I buy bunches of basil at a local farmer's market and make pesto. I freeze it in small quantities to enjoy during the winter. Sunday, we made a pesto pizza and I felt that all the work in the summer is TOTALLY worth it! We have a very aggressive region wide programme devoted to minimizing heart damage during heart attacks. This means that a patient comes directly to the lab if they dial 911. Our paramedics are trained to recognize heart attacks "in progress" and are very good at it! This is the amount of clot that it takes to totally occlude a right coronary artery, the container is 2.5 cm in diameter. Tuesday was a rough day at work, and I had a nice glass of wine with dinner. Wednesday was warmer, but raining when I walked to work. Thursday was 10 degrees C and we had the first barbeque of the year which didn't require me shovelling a path. Wicca loves to look out the back door. My watch has been resetting itself a couple of times a week for the last couple of weeks, turns out it was trying to tell me that the battery was dying.....Hope that you had a good week!

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