I love it when there's a new Heritage Challenge! Especially when the day has been stressful; I can just sit down and lose myself in a page.
We are lucky to have wonderful information on our ancestors. On my side, they all came over in the 1600 and 1700's. Can you imagine what it was like here at that time? Such struggles. The fact that they persevered always gives me strength.
The photo in the background is a great-great-great Grandmother of mine; Mary E. Pirtle. It's the oldest photo that we have...1855.

Mary, Jacob, William, Duncan, Richard, Marguerite, William. The McDonells, Camerons, McKinnons, McGillices, Whitakers, Birkles and Kimballs. Were it not for their drive and bravery; if not for ambition or fear or poverty or curiosity or crime, the course of my own history and that of my children would have ended before it ever began. Isnít that an overwhelming thought? One different move, one sunken boat, one fatal illness...
We know that my side of our family came primarily from England and Scotland. Ancestors from England left their homes for America in the late 1600ís and early 1700ís. Those from Scotland in the late 1700ís. Weíve been here since the beginning. I canít even imagine the hardships our ancestors faced in this new land.
They landed in Massachusetts and in Virginia. From there they never stopped moving. Canada, Washington, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, California, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Louisiana. A never ending migration. We know of one ancestor who started a well know University, several of the men served in the Revolution and in the Civil War.
One of my ancestors, Pliny, was a Cherokee Indian. Her roots are on this soil.
I am lucky to know this information. It gives me strength to keep going.

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