Inspired by Lynn's choice for the Saturday Scraplift... this wonderful layout by ackpatterson (Amy) "Emily and Amy" . I started out in one direction, but ended up in another! Which is the fun thing about being inspired by a layout! You can take a little or alot... first off, I chose the same theme for my page as Amy did: Friendship. And, of course, I loved the neutral color scheme, as well as the little grouping of elements. I just moved my little group down to the bottom corner. The balance on Amy's page is wonderful: Photo on the left, balanced by the title and journaling on the right... I did that, too! I also loved the taped photo frame, so I added a bit of tape to the frame I used, too. And, of course, she used Ali's wordart, so how I could I not use it? *grin*
And, yes, I know... I used this same funky, offset journaling on my last layout! I just happened to think it looked cool on this layout, too! hehehe

So, this is what I saw through the lens at halftime during one of your League Cup games... Now, what the heck is going on? First, I see Amanda reach over and rub or scratch your head. Then, Bri... then the two of them together. I just snapped away, fully intending to find out after the game exactly what was going on here! Apparently, you had just told them that your head hurt. And, the girls were trying to rub the headache away. How funny is that? Brianne and Amanda are your best friends on your team... and now you know just how much they like you, too... Because only good friends would ever actually touch your hot and sweaty head... seriously. *smiley*

Loosely Labeled Alphabet No. 02
Vintage Photo Frames No. 21
File Tab Words: Fall No. 01
Weathered Wooden Word Strips No. 01
Patterned Tapes No. 01

ArtsyBlendz Origins Paperie
LoopDaLoop Melange ArtStrokes No. 01
Thanksgiving WordTransfers No. 01

Photography Hand Drawn Brushes
Underlined Months Brushes and Stamps

Little Enamel Accents: Sports
Staple Its! No. 02

Thanks for looking! Debi