I'm adding a small explanation here after reading Lori's comment below! LOL!
Sweden is a very tiny country, but we have a very long history and loads of VERY old buildings here! Within a 3-hour drive from where I live there are so many old castles, fortresses, manorhouses and churches that I'm not even going to begin to count... If you add a couple of hours, there's even more! This one, Läckö Slott, is one of the biggest and most well kept in Sweden, and it is not even a royal castle - never has been! Even if we have an abundance of castles and stuff here, this one is so famous it's even on a stamp! I put the stamp in the negative sleeve... And it's only a 90-minute drive from where Sussie lives and I grew up!

"In 1289, they started building a fortress for a bishop here. In 1571, Läckö was given to a count Bielke. In 1615, it was given to a de la Gardie. Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie started building the castle as we see it today in 1654"

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For my book on 2010