Such a wonderful day... and so sad at the same time! My daughter's high school soccer team made the state playoffs (SoCal) for the first time in six years AND upset the first team they played with a win! But, she and her dad had planned a vacation during our weeklong break... but the next playoff game is tonight, so they couldn't go. So hard for her... being thrilled and disappointed...

You made it... you girls actually made it to CIF-SS (California Interscholastic Federation--Southern section) playoffs this year... the first time for NHHS since ‘05, so it was a big deal! You and your teammates were thrilled! But, you were torn because you had plans with Dad over Winter Break... a week in New Orleans. Another big deal. But, if you won your first playoff game, Round 2 would be during Winter Break. And, that would also be a big deal. It would change your plans dramatically. But, after finishing 3rd in Sunset League (6-4-0), your first playoff game was against Saugus HS. They finished 1st in their league (10-0-0). To be honest, you really weren’t expected to win. But, you did win... and yes, that was a very big deal! An exciting, joyous occasion, yet you were torn. Very torn. I see the excitement and happiness in one photo and the not-so-happy in another. Because, now... for sure... there would be no trip to New orleans. And, so... the happy celebration of a team pulling together to play better soccer than ever was marred. And oh, yes, you were very torn. How do you celebrate when you also want to cry? And, yes, I was torn, too... as a “soccer mom”, I was thrilled with the win! But, as your mom, Shannon, I was very sad because you wanted to go on the trip so badly. But, to be honest with you... I was proud... very proud because you played hard and played to win, knowing that a win would cancel your trip. And, that actually made me happy. And, not quite so torn...

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