KPertiet Staple

1. Tay and I were at Yogli Mogli enjoying our mid-bike-ride frozen yogurt break and I looked out and saw the lights reflecting on the window. We decided they looked like UFO’s and we’d try to trick Daddy into thinking they really were. No go...he figured it out right away. Drats! 2. Tay was so excited over the first weekend of warm weather (70 degrees!) that he wanted to wear shorts. The first shorts day of the year...yea! 3. I found this restaurant near work. With a name like Pete’s Ice Cream and Hot Dogs we’re going to have to try it! 4. The back half of our yard under water after some heavy rain. 5. I ordered some Corn Bags to warm our feet at night. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! 6. After three weeks of temperatures above freezing and a weekend of 70 degrees, this pile of snow and ice was STILL taking up a parking spot at work. Impressive! 7. Bill and Michael at Bill’s 66th birthday party.