Products used - (All DD)

Katie Pertiet -
Krafty Frames No 3
Roughed up Krafty Paper
Gator Crossing Kit
Assorted Tapes No 4

Anna Aspnes-
12x12 Scratched Overlays No 2
12x12 Magic FotoBlendz Layered Template Album No 1 (brush behind the photos and flare are from the template)
Stitched by Anna Brown No 1

Ali Edwards -
Baby Word Art No 1

Journaling reads : Austin decided that our new baby should be named "Snake" at 18 weeks along when we found out it was going to be a boy. He loves to sit on my lap and talking to the baby, calling him “Baby Snake” all the time. Because we didn’t have another name picked out yet quite a few other people started calling him "Baby Snake" as well. Daddy did NOT appreciate his new son being nicknamed "Snake" so on Christmas day he declared that we were naming him Erik James. Today I was snuggling with Austin in the recliner and he started talking to Erik. He told him “Hi Baby Snake, do you like to go to Nana's house?" And went on to ask him some other questions. I told him ”Austin, I think we are going to name the baby Erik - so it is actually Baby Erik in my tummy. “ He looked at me with his sweet blue eyes and said ” Oh, you are going to call him Erik? I am going to call him Snake.“ I had to laugh. We will see if this nickname sticks!
Journaling - January 5, 2011. Pictures February 8, 2011

(We are expecting our 4th little boy in a couple of weeks - it is already so fun to see the relationships the other boys are developing with him, even though he isn't here yet!)

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