Thanks for a great challenge, Katrina!

I got the idea for my title from one of our new members, lizzyt. In the newbie forum, she said that taking pictures was like breathing for her. I think we can all relate. It is such a big part of our lives. Thanks Lizzy, for inspiring the concept of my page!

All from DD...

Michelle Martin -
Just Linens no 7
Rouen Kit

Lynn Grieveson -
Worn Page Edges 3

Anna Aspnes -
Stitched by Anna Cream
Autumn Lines
Art Play BBQ (brown brad)
Stitched by Anna Tan 1
Bling In Chic Frames 1
Artsy Clocks 3

Mindy Teresawa -
Sprinkles Kit

Katie Pertiet -
Flossy stitches white (recolored)
Notebook Blocks LT no 5 (blocks)
Filmed LT no 9 (Frame and tape)
Taped Masks no 1
Tailed Journalers
Just Look at You LT (cut ups) (re-colored)
Hinge Pack
Editorial Insp. 1-10-10 (drawn lines)

Studio DD -
Layer Works no 17 (deckled edge journaler)
Layer Works no 1 (yarn swirl, staples, cardboard)

Thank you for looking!!! Smile