A bit of a pensive layout... a GOOD kind of pensive! *big smile* Just reflecting on a weekend that was oh, so, good for the soul...

As I was going through all the photos from last weekend, I happened to notice myself in the reflection of the sunglasses in this shot. Thats me. Taking a photo in front of the Venetian. In Las Vegas. So, what? you ask. Well, as I gazed at the photo, it hit me again. Thats me in the reflection of sunglasses belonging to my dear friend, Sam. Yes, Sam. From South Africa. Sam that Id never met but have spent hours and hours emailing, PMing, texting and even Skyp-ing. *smiley* Those are her sunglasses. And, thats me, reflected in them. Me taking a photo of her. Seriously. Who would have ever thought in a million years that wed actually get to meet in real life? Yet, here we were. In Las Vegas. Together. And, not only just Sam and I, but the majority of the designers and the Creative Team from Designer Digitals. All together. In real life. Talking. Laughing. Walking. Bonding. Hugging. Taking photos. Smiling. Always smiling. Katie and Randy made it happen. It was amazing, incredible, wonderful. And, as I reflect on the weekend, Im in awe that Im part of this team. Im eternally grateful for the opportunity weve been given at DD. I dont think I could ever, ever express exactly how it feels to be a part of this team. This creative, loving, supportive sisterhood. The weekend was glorious. Joyous. Amazing. Fun. And, happy. So very happy. And, I know yall can see that in my reflection, right?

Pencil Lines Journalers Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Sign Maker Alphabet: Black

Layered Memories No. 134
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 13

Twenty-Eleven Brushes and Stamps

Brad Bonanza No. 01: Digital Fasteners

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