My dog got into the trash last week! It all ended up well! The story: When Cupid ate a wad of icing covered Saran
Wrap that accidently missed the trash can, I
immediately called the veterinarian. He said to
feed the dog a vaseline sandwich for 3 days. Liberally
spoon a slice of bread with the jelly (you can hardly use too much) and hope the Saran Wrap passes through the intestines. If it does not work and the wrap causes a blockage the dog will vomit and surgery will be required. Good as gold, we found a Saran Wrap poop on the lawn after the 3rd day. Cupid will eat ANYTHING!!

Anna - Upcycled Paperie, Striped Tape, Multi Stitched black and white
Lynn - Billy Alpha, Worn Strips
Patti - Acrylic Calendar
Katie - Plated, Frame