I felt I needed to document the random, child-related things in the kitchen. So when we look back at it we will know what all the things are in the picture- Janet's template was perfect for this!

ETA: Ooops- thanks everyone!

journaling: dishes in the sink, bottles drying in the dish rack, too many gates, why are these things so bulky? Fresh pants for jacobís cubby at school, wipes on the table, jacobís helper stool in the kitchen. hooks to keep the gates in place to keep levi from getting the catfood. ick! invitation for evanís birthday party at chuckie cheese. freshly made pupkin bread- yum! High chair strapped to one of the dining room chairs- will we ever have a normal looking dining room? cold coffee in the coffee maker. filthy floor, beige carpet in a house with two small boys, please! Who thought that was a good idea? clevenger along the plant shelves- at least no one can break it there!
Just our kitchen on any given day.

Layer Works No 6

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